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  • "I took Waterbabies classes when my daughter was small. We left and tried two other classes at different pools that were closer to home. I am so glad that we have returned. I am so impressed by the level of profesionalism and knowledge of both Jen and the program. Much has changed since we attended a year and a half ago, and the quality of the classes is significantly greater than the others I have been to. Thank You!

  • I also love that Waterbabies is focused on safety and really teaching kids what to do when they are in the water (whether swimming or accidently falling in the water.

  • We love the Waterbabies program! Thank you guys so much for all that you have taught us and for all that you do.

  • We continue to be extremely happy with the Waterbabies program. Each session we think we might try to find something closer that doesnt require a bridge toll (we live in Seattle) but then we see how well our son progresses and how much he enjoys practicing his new skills and we dont want to mess with a very good thing.

  • Please keep up the amazing work. We have so far had Abby twice, Veronica once, and Susan as a sub. All these teachers are phenomenal and we look forward to having our son continue in the program until there is no more program to continue in.

  • I had gone and seen many other swimming instructions for my first child. I wish I had found Waterbabies for him as well. It is a great program.

  • My son and I enjoy Waterbabies so much! Great bonding and safety experience. I tell all the moms I know to try it out. I co-organize a mom group with 222 moms so I hope you will see enrollment go up! I really love this program and the instructors.

  • Alice B, Seattle, WA: We've been coming here for nearly a year now, and are totally satisfied. Our youngest started in PT1 at 18 months and they focus on developing good, safe water habits in addition to building a great foundation for swimming skills.

    We've had several different instructors now, and all of them have been fantastic. Parents should thoroughly read their website and/or attend their pre-class orientation to learn about their teaching style as well as class "rules" to help them understand how the class is structured. Each class starts with a "Sit, Listen, and Wait" and this is so important so that the child learns not to just jump into the water, and wait until they are told to enter the water in a safe way. There is singing and games played, mixed in with activities to learn water skills.

    Our daughter developed a sudden fear of going underwater midway through PT3, and it was getting frustrating to have her protest getting into her swimsuit, and crying during class. But after emailing the teacher and getting some advice, we stuck with it and like a switch several months later, she now loves swimming can't wait for class each week.

    Our older son (4 y/o) took swim lessons at the Y several years ago and also hated it, and had a very strong aversion to pools. So we had him watch his younger sister's swim class and later enrolled him in private lessons. Christie was so patient with him, even though it took the entire first lesson to get him to sit on the top step into the pool. Each week, she gently encouraged him to do more, so that now 6 months later, he is diving to the bottom, and floating on his back independently. He keeps asking when his next swim class is.

    Locker rooms are decent with plenty of cubbies and lockers, with two showers stocked with soap, shampoo, and conditioner. They are cleaned every hour, and I think they do a great job considering the number of young kids and adults who come through there. Another perk is the warm pool temperature (at least at 1st Street), much better for the young kids. Parking is free, and generally readily available.

    The only difficulty is actually getting into your desired class, especially for new families. Current families get priority for online registration, and if you are not online at 6:30 AM when the registration opens, you may not get your first choice. Weekend morning classes go quickly. However, just email them if the class you can make are full, and they will add you to a wait list, and will often add additional classes to accommodate families.

    For these reasons, I think Waterbabies is a fantastic program and teaches important skills to build upon.

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