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  • I took Waterbabies classes when my daughter was small. We left and tried two other classes at different pools that were closer to home. I am so glad we have returned; the quality of the classes is significantly greater than the others I have been to. I also love that Waterbabies is focused on safety and really teaching kids what to do when they are in the water (whether swimming or accidently falling in the water).  Thank You! 
  • We continue to be extremely happy with the Waterbabies program. Each session we think we might try to find something closer that doesn’t require a bridge toll (we live in Seattle) but then we see how well our son progresses and how much he enjoys practicing his new skills and we don’t want to mess with a very good thing.
  • Please keep up the amazing work. All the teachers we’ve had are phenomenal, and we look forward to having our son continue in the program until there is no more program to continue in!
  • My son and I enjoy Waterbabies so much! Great bonding and safety experience. I tell all the moms I know to try it out. I really love this program and the instructors.
  • We've been coming here for nearly a year now, and are totally satisfied. Our youngest started in PT1 at 18 months and they focus on developing good, safe water habits in addition to building a great foundation for swimming skills.
  • Our daughter developed a sudden fear of going underwater midway through PT3, and it was getting frustrating to have her protest getting into her swimsuit, and crying during class. After emailing the teacher and getting some advice, we stuck with it and like a switch several months later, she now loves swimming can't wait for class each week.
  • We love the Waterbabies program! Thank you guys so much for all that you have taught us and for all that you do.
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