Parent and Tot

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Parent Tot classes emphasize the bond between parent and child as they explore this new experience with water together. We use songs and games to introduce developmentally appropriate swim skills including back floating, submersion and water safety, while building communication skills and increasing water adjustment.

The Parent Tot classes for new students are:
Parent Tot 104 (4 months to 9 months)
Parent Tot 110 (10 months to 18 months)
Parent Tot 118 (18 months to 36 months)

The Parent Tot classes for returning students are:
Parent Tot 200 (8 months to 17 months)
Parent Tot 300 (16 months to 18 months)

The Parent Tot classes for returning advanced students are:
Parent Tot 400 (2 years old to 3.5 years old)
Pre Baby Grads (2.5 years old and up)

*The Parent Tot classes 200 through Pre Baby Grads are based on age and skill level. These students must also meet the prerequisite of taking either Parent Tot 104, 110 or 118 classes.

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