Our History

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Our Original Waterbaby

After my daughter Rose was born in 1989, we floated her in a warm bath and Rose immediately relaxed and felt back at home. My husband and I had read Frederick Leboyers' book " Birth Without Violence" and we wanted to make her entry into this world as gentle as possible. Living near Melbourne, Australia, we had met a woman who was a labor coach and we had done prenatal water classes with her. She also taught baby swim classes, so as soon as Rose was old enough we joined her classes. These lessons led to many family hours of playtime in the pool. This family bonding time was such a great experience that I decided I wanted to be able share baby swimming with other families. This began my apprenticeship with Cookie Harkin. Shortly after my apprenticeship our family moved back to the US and I began my teaching career.

My Daughter Rose and my mentor Huguette (Cookie) Harkin were truly the inspiration behind my swim school and so In 1997 I created the Waterbabies Aquatic Program beginning with 25 students. My partner and I never imagined that our journey into Infant Aquatics would become one of the most successful programs in the United States. That we would one day be responsible for teaching over 1200 children each quarter, or asked to be an expert presenter at the World Aquatic Baby Conference's in Hawaii and New Zealand, the US Swim School Association and Swim America Conferences. What an amazing journey we have taken!

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