Consistent with our commitment to excellence, Waterbabies instructors must complete over 80 hours of intensive training.
They are certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding/Basic Water Rescue.

Vera G. – Waterbabies Instructor/Owner

After participating in baby-swim classes with her youngest child Rose, Vera was inspired to train as an infant swim and early childhood development specialist. She started Waterbabies in 1996 and continues to run the business to this day. She is a passionate advocate for children and continuously seeks to develop the curriculum to assist in the mind and body development of all her Water babies and Water kids.

Jackie W. – Lead Waterbabies Instructor/Trainer

Jackie has been with Waterbabies since 2010. She attended the University of Montana on a 4 year scholarship for volleyball, and graduated with a BA in Psychology, focusing on child development. She brought her children up in Waterbabies and loves to watch her students develop, learn and grow in the program.

Abby R. – Waterkids Instructor

Abby has been a Waterbabies instructor since 2006. She has an Associates of Arts and Sciences degree, and has enjoyed swimming since her childhood. Abby tailors her lessons to the needs of all her students to help them gain skills, have fun and be safe in the water. She herself is the mother of five and continues to swim in our program with her youngest daughter. 

Jen W. – Waterbabies Instructor

Jen is a seasoned Waterbabies instructor who has been with Waterbabies since 2003. She brings her experience as a rehabilitation practitioner into her teaching style, being keenly aware of the needs and development of her students. Jen began as a parent in our classes and brought all four of her children through the Waterbabies program. She is very serious about the Waterbabies motto "Play is learning and learning is play".

Tiffany N. – Waterbabies Instructor

Tiffany graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a BA in Biology and was a Marine Mammal Trainer for 10 years. She discovered the Waterbabies program when her daughter was born and was so impressed with the program she wanted to teach. She has been an instructor since the spring of 2014, and loves to watch her students learn new skills. She is committed to passing on her passion for all things water related.

Brenda A. – Waterbabies & Waterkids Instructor

Brenda has been with Waterbabies since 1998, first as a parent and later as an instructor. Prior to teaching with Waterbabies she was a Lactation Educator and Childbirth Educator with Evergreen Hospital. Believing in the intrinsic value of all children and with high regard for the child/parent bond, she strives to meet her students and their parents “where they are”, while also helping them forward. Brenda is also an artist, animator and visual effects designer. She loves all physical activity, including cycling, rock climbing, and strength training.

Sharla S. – Waterkids Instructor

Sharla has been an instructor with Waterbabies since 2012. In addition, she holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and works at Seattle's Children's hospital in Clinical Research.  She has been involved in competitive swimming since childhood (being nicknamed "Shark-la) as a youth, and although she began her career with Waterbabies as a Parent-tot instructor, has found her passion in teaching the advanced classes. Sharla is fun and caring; using positive encouragement to help her students.

Veronica C. –
Waterkids Instructor/Trainer

Veronica has been with Waterbabies since 2006. As a competitive swimmer herself, she was instrumental in helping develop the Waterkids curriculum. She is dedicated to quality swim instruction and is diligent in her training of new instructors. She currently attends the University of Washington as a Biology major with the intention of achieving a degree in Sports Medicine. She hopes to inspire her students to love swimming.

Coty M. – Waterkids Instructor

Coty joined Waterbabies in 2015. He brings with him a background in competitive swim and dance. Loving all things movement he also has a passion for teaching, especially young children. He has worked at Gymboree and youth dance studios in Washington and Tennessee (where he grew up). He was drawn to teach with Waterbabies because it incorporated three things he very much enjoys: teaching, working with children and swimming. When asked how he would characterize his teaching style, his response was “Fun”!

Adam F. – Waterbabies Instructor

Adam comes from a large family so has always been comfortable around lots of kids, varying ages. He has two children and lives in Edmonds. After swimming with Waterbabies as a parent, he came to really believe in the program, and decided that teaching with us would be a wonderful opportunity to express his love of swimming and teaching. When asked to describe his teaching style, his response was “Laid back”.

Dinky A. –
Waterbabies Instructor and Deck Manager

Dinky has been and still continues to swim with her kids in the Waterbabies program. The Waterbabies philosophy and love of water is what inspired her to become an instructor in 2013.  She brings with her 10 years’ experience in the field of Midwifery. She is a driven and dedicated person who is highly skilled in providing comfort and support to those she teaches as well as the women she provides care for. She loves working with both babies and parents in the water and brings a detailed and compassionate teaching style to her classes.

Adam B. – Waterbabies Instructor

Instructor Adam lives in Kent with his wife and daughter. He loves being in water so becoming a swim instructor was a perfect match for his love of children and being in the water. Adam has worked on and off with Waterbabies since 2008; he just can’t stay away! One of his biggest joys is to learn new & different ways to have fun with his students in the water. Kind, fun and energetic he brings a warm & gentle way of being to instructing.

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